Facial gymnastics – the present and future of your beauty!

Today there is an opinion that to tighten the skin and get rid of wrinkles is possible ONLY with the help of injections or plastic surgery. All this is in the past.
Facial gymnastics will save you from wrinkles without plastic surgery and botox injections.
I am Inga Cosmetologist, an expert in cosmetology with 20 years of experience. For 7 years I’ve been teaching girls over 25 years a unique method of self-massage, helping preserve their youth and beauty.
Lifting courses will allow women:
• preserve the natural beauty of the skin without wrinkles,
• restore already fading skin.
The dream of every woman is to become young without surgeries and injections!
The basis of the course of facial lifting is the fact that the facial muscles contract with age and decrease in length. The skin stretches behind the muscles and wrinkles appear.
I developed my own self-massage technique, regularly applying which is the restoration of the muscular framework and getting rid of wrinkles.
Come to my courses and you will be able to:
-restore the natural elasticity of the facial muscles;
-get rid of wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones;
-tighten the skin of the eyelids;
-pull up the impending eyelids
-give your lips a beautiful shape;
-give the neck muscles elasticity, get rid of the second chin.
Non-surgical face lifting will become a reality with the regular application of my complexes.
Facial lifting courses are held in my salon every week!
Pride in all those who are beautiful !